Anne-Sophie Markus is a freelance photo- and videographer based in Amsterdam.

After her graduating in Multi-Media Production in Amsterdam she started to work independently in 2010, with her biggest trademark translating first impressions into striking on-screen esthetics.

Anne-Sophie believes that contrasts resulting from conscious observation of ordinary and extraordinary scenes tell us a lot about the world. This is why her work shows an ambition to capture an entire world into a single image.

Anne-Sophie developed a serious knack for traveling, design and wild nature, all of which she loves to combine in her personal projects. Currently she’s working on a project to show people the world trough 3d images with a platform called “ddd gallery”. She travels around with a small caravan from 1973 and a fluffy white dog named Baijiu, which means “rice wine” in Chinese.

@: annesophie@fietview.com